Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami celebration in Melbourne

Krishna Janmashtami-2015 event was a Grand success!!!

Close to 1200 people from the community attended the event!

Both the prayer hall where Pooja, Bhajans and vedic chanting were happening and the main hall where Kids carnival, theatrical performance, dandiya and matki happening, both halls were just overflowing with people.

The evening started with Bhajans & Pooja and Abhishekam followed by Purusha suktam and Vishnu sahasranama chanting. With hundreds of people chanting the sahasranam together, the vibe in the pooja hall was just divine. On the other hand the main hall was just buzzing with the kids taking part in the carnival with a range of activities including Matki that was arranged by our talented Chinmaya youth group. Then the kids did their theatrical performance and everyone was enjoying the performance with a sumptuous dinner sitting together and enjoying the event.

The evening ended up with a fantastic Bhajan performance by our Chinmaya Mission’s Swaranjali team. The bhajans were really good and as per the feedback from many attendees it was quite professional and the team is now so motivated to up the ante even more next year. The Bhajans reached the peak leading to the midnight arati which totally immersed everyone in a totally devotional mood.

What a night! Every aspect of the event went so well and the success of that is attributed to all the Sevaks who have tirelessly worked leading up to the event and on that night in the yagna spirit and with a great smile on their face.

As Gurudev always wished, we really stood as one family and made sure the event ran smoothly!