A small and upcoming Chinmaya family were blessed and privileged to host Swami Swaroopananda in Brisbane for his 2nd visit and his Yagna, Geeta at a Glance in April 2015. 

We bring you a synopsis and shared experiences of the Chinmaya families Brisbane.  The photos are true attestation of the joy that was felt by all the attendees.

Unto Him Our Best

Summary of the talks by Chyk Anushree Balachander

Geetaataglance1Swami Swaroopananda presented a series of talks to the spiritual seekers of Brisbane over five days, between the 21st and 25th of April, on the topic ‘Geeta at a Glance’. The Bhagvad Geeta is an extensive text that provides guidelines for practical living and gaining permanent happiness in the materialistic and ever changing happiness in the materialistic and ever changing t to cover the contents of this text and capture its full breadth and depth in five days. However, Swamiji captured the essence of the Geeta in a refreshingly new light. He broke it down into three clusters of six chapters each, the first of which describes the man in general, the next cluster defines the infinite God while the third abolishes the duality between man and God and unites the two into One.

On the first day he set the scene by describing the despondency of Arjuna. Using contemporary examples that appealed to the audience from a range of backgrounds and age groups, Swamiji identified and isolated the Arjuna in each and every one of us. He pointed out that we are all escapists, who in the middle of our responsibilities (likened to the Kurukshetra battlefield), find reasons to run away or refuse to accept the duties entrusted to us. By this, he highlighted the importance and relevance of Krishna’s advice to Arjuna in the Geeta, especially in the lives of youngsters, who these days have a multitude of responsibilities as did Arjuna in the Mahabharata.

Geetaataglance2The content of the second day’s talks focused on Karma yoga and how one should act in the world of responsibilities and duties. Unlike popular belief of Karma yoga being just action without attachment to results, Swamiji delved into the depths of it. He pointed out that yoga is disunion from pain, work that is done eciently and with equanimity and knowledge of the mind as described in chapters 3 to 5 of the Geeta. Action performed in this spirit in the present moment without regrets of the past and anxiety of the future and where it is devoted to a higher purpose rather than just the selfish self is Karma yoga.

The unity between God and man is created through Yagna(Service), Tapas(Austerity) and Dana(Charity)

Swamiji then explained that man is essentially the doer of actions or the person with responsibilities. He has been equipped with a body, a mind and an intellect with which he can perform action and thereby exhaust his vasanas and desires. He must not mistake himself to be the equipment but must train them to function under his control and complete the tasks at hand rather than seek to escape from them.

SwaGeetaataglance3miji then went on to explain that God is the infinite. Chapter 10 of the Geeta describes in great detail the extent of Krishna’s presence in all of the components of the cosmos. He is the cause and also the result. He is imperishable and exists outside the realm of time. Subsequently in Chapter 11 Krishna reveals his eurgent, all-pervading universal form, the Vishwaroopa, to Arjuna. With this knowledge Arjuna was able to understand that he is not killing members of his family but is performing his duties as a kshatriya and fighting for the prevalence of Dharma.

On the last day of the discourse Swamiji highlighted that we needn’t search for God because he is not a separate entity. Instead, we should aspire to know God because He is within us. The unity between God and man is created through Yagna (service –that purifies the mind), Tapas (austerity – that masters the mind) and Dana (charity). The Bhagavad Geeta provides a deeper insight into these concepts and one should study it diligently by surrendering to it, adoring its teachings and values and meditating upon its lessons.

Blessed Moments with Swamiji

Geetaataglance5It was an unbelievable and amazing one week of profound spiritual experience and bliss  that we  sevaks  of   Chinmaya  Mission, Brisbane  had  with   Swami Swaroopananda from 19th to 26th April  2015.

Indeed very fortunate were  we  to  have  been able to be in the presence of, and interact with  Swamiji  all  through the week ! Although regular study of the scriptures and regular satsang by way of study groups  impart  to  us  a great insight into Vedanta and are key to spiritual progress, it is an entirely dierent perspective of Vedanta that one gets to experience when one comes face-to-face with the Guru.

Geetaataglance6Every moment of our interaction with Swamiji – be  it  a  walk  or  a  small talk; be it breakfast, lunch or dinner – was nothing short of a practical class on  Vedanta  for  us.  Not directly, but through minimum words and actions ,   Swamiji constantly kept giving us various lessons – lessons on ego, desires, expectations  the influence  these  have  on our lives and how to handle oneself when these are shattered (which they anyway will be because they are false). One such lesson that Swamiji kept constantly reiterating through the week was that the human body / mind / intellect equipment is not the decider  or the doer. Narayana is the master planner and the master executer. The ego can wish and will all it wants but what prevails is the will of Narayana!

Geetaataglance7One of the sevaks narrates an interesting experience of how, through the week, she kept asking questions on Vedanta to Swamiji but found Swamiji’s answers very brief and wished Swamiji could explain in greater detail; nevertheless she kept her feelings to herself out of awe. However, as the five-day  Yagna  talks progressed, she was surprised to see that with each passing day, each of her questions was being answered by Swamiji in the talks in great detail and to her utmost satisfaction. She was extremely moved by the Guru’s compassion and understood that the Guru may test your patience but will ultimately give you only more than what you ever expected!

Be  it  a  shopping   mall,  a planetarium  or  the  botanical gardens,  it  is  amazing  to watch Swamiji become one with his environment.  Every  moment he  demonstrates   how   one should  constantly  live in  the moment.   His  attention  to minute details and the passion with which he tries to gather  as  much  information from around him as possible are admirable – one could just keep watching him silently for hours and learn so much from him.

Geetaataglance8Swamiji is an aura of divine wisdom and grace, and blessed are those who even get to just linger around him!

Hari Om!!