Swami Aparokshananda

Email: swaparokshananda108@gmail.com

Raised in Australia, Swami. Aparokshananda completed his secondary education at Melbourne High School.  After entrance into Melbourne University he completed a 4 year physiotherapy degree and worked for 2 years in various hospitals.  It was during his time at university that Swami. Aparokshananda sought greater insights into the cause of human suffering.  This brought him to Chinmaya Mission where he was first introduced to the Bhagavad Gita, the essence of all Hindu scriptures.

That was the turning point in his life and his spiritual quest had begun.  The Bhagavad Gita opined that the fundamental causes of man’s sorrow largely stem from his inability to master the mind.   Gripped by this premise, Swami. Aparokshananda studied and practiced the techniques suggested and found satisfying results.  Having found a clear sense of direction he enrolled in a 2 year intensive residential course in the study of the Hindu scriptures in Mumbai, India.  The course included meditation, yoga and learning the Sanskrit language.  However its primary focus was a detailed and structured study of the ancient wisdom of the scriptures, Vedanta – ‘The Science of Life in its totality’ – and its application in daily living.

Having successfully completed the course he chose to lead a monastic life of study and meditation.  Currently he is a resident teacher in Chinmaya Mission Melbourne conducting regular classes, workshops, camps and retreats on human values, philosophy, meditation and Hindu culture to adults, youth and children of all backgrounds and faiths.