Gurudev Aradhana Day

Gurudev Aradhana Day

Pranaams at the Lotus feet of Chinmaya Rishi

Aradhana 2016


The rishis are the luminous ones,
Seers, caretakers, saints.
Understanding the mystery of creation,

They cherish life
They are the great sages.
Of purified senses,

They see the universal and the particular
At the same time
Protectors of the divine laws
Which sustain life

Their pure actions guide all beings
To transcend samsar
The rishis impart knowledge of Brahman

In the midst of Maya
In all the ages and times
As worship of God

For 100 years Chinmaya Rishi
Has blessed the earth
Illuminating the Absolute truth

For our times
The ashram of Chinmaya Rishi
Is worldwide

Nourishing innumerable residents
On the path to truth
Gurudev’s ashram is beyond place and time

A realm of pure love
Where service and action guided by wisdom
Deliver lasting happiness for all

All glories to Chinmaya Rishi
A saint who lived amongst us
Who trusted us with the truth
Who is waiting for us in his Ashram now.

Om Shri Chimaya Sat Gurave Namah


( A brief note – When Swami Chidananda Maharaj from the Divine Life Society visited Gurudev in the hospital after he attained Mahasamadhi in 1993, Swamiji said – Your Gurudev is with the Saptarishis)