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The Upanishads are the very heart of the Vedas and contain the treasure of all knowledge, knowledge of the Self.  This wisdom contained within is considered the very acme of all knowledge as it destroy all sorrows at their very cause, the ego.

The Mundaka Upanishad contains many illustrations which makes the subtle theme easy to understand and contemplate upon.

Swami Aparokshananda will be taking weekly classes on this Upanishad along with the commentary of Shri Adi Shankaracharyaji. Classes are in English.

When: Every Friday 6:15-7:15 AM (Commences Friday July 20th)
Where: 4 Pioneer Dr, Templestowe
Cost: Half year class registration (no cost if you are already registered for another class)
Contact: Swami Aparokshananda (03) 98468359


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