Gyana Yagna at Point Cook – The Art of Living

Gyana Yagna at Point Cook – The Art of Living

Chinmaya mission’s Point Cook chapter organised a spiritual discourse on “The Art of Living”, by Brahmachari Gautamji, for the benefit of devotees and spiritual seekers in the South-Western suburbs of Melbourne. Over 50 devotees from the area attended the event.
The Art of Living discourse was based on the famous “Bhaja Govindam” song by Shri Adi Shankaracharya. Gautamji in his inimitable style, full of wit and humour, elucidated the key messages from the Bhaja Govindam  and delivered it in a manner which is extremely relevant to the contemporary world. It was an enthralling hour and half, in which Gautamji clearly explained what our real goal should be and how we should reach there.

Gautamji started by first explaining the meaning of “Art” – which is an expression of beauty and a means of happiness for the creator and observer. And “Living” which is nothing but a series of experiences – that is, interactions between self and world around us.

Bhaja Govindam clearly establishes the final goal that everyone should pursue, which is everlasting happiness – through firmly establishing oneself in Brahman. Any other pursuit may give happiness which is only temporary. And to reach this state of everlasting happiness – one might start with Satsangh– attaching oneself with holy people. Satsangh  creates nissangh with all the lowly pursuits in life. And through this detachment, we remove the illusion (nirmohatvam) that makes us confuse the “I” with our Body , Mind and intellect. Once this illusion is removed, we can firmly establish (nischalatvam) ourselves in the Lord. Continued practice of this steady mind leads to “Jeevan Mukthi” which is liberation that causes everlasting happiness.

Gautamji went on to explain how one could attain such steadiness of mind while continuing to still interact with this world by disciplining our senses and controlling our mind.

It was a discourse full of practical knowledge filled with real life examples – one which we can readily follow as a template for leading a better life.

After the discourse, all the participants were given “Yagna” prasad – which is a booklet on Veda Vyasa by Gurudev, and all were treated to a sumptuous dinner prepared by the parent volunteers of Chinmaya mission, Point Cook.