Weekly Summary 21st August 2016

Weekly Summary 21st August 2016


1)  Please note that the Chinmaya Mission Brisbane Annual Family Retreat will be held from 16th – 18th Sept 2016.

2)  Attached to the email is a pdf document of the slokas of Chapter 15 of the Geeta. Please learn verses 1 and 2 by-heart for class next Sunday.

Kindy and Junior Balavihar:

We continued with the Ramayana story. Now that Rama and Lakshmana were on their way towards Sita, we talked about what was happening at the other end. We brainstormed how Sita felt, now living at Asoka Vatika, one of Lanka’s most beautiful palace gardens. She was given the best of robes and jewellery to adorn herself, but she refused to accept them. She felt sad and lonely away from her loved ones, knowing that they wouldn’t even know where she was. Instead of wasting her time crying, she sought strength by focussing her thoughts on Lord Rama and doing japa and prayers. Children also heard the story of the birth of Krishna and how little Krishna and his friends loved stealing butter from the hanging pots in Gopi auntie’s house, by making a human pyramid. Children enacted this story in class.

Their homework is: To practise the bhajan (no. 3) and actions from the bhajan sheet stuck in their book for Krishna Janmashtami performance at next week’s class.  All children are to dress up as Krishnas and Gopis to come to Krishna’s butter party next Sunday.

Senior Balavihar:

We revised our teacher from last week – the Moon, who had taught us that everything keeps changing except the God within. We must use the opportunities of today to make a better tomorrow. We can do this by facing happy and sad moments and saying, ‘This too shall pass’. We should thank God for the good and bad times and enjoy things as they are. Children learnt 2 bhajans and practised a skit for Janmashtami.

Their homework is: To complete the blanks in Gurudev’s quote. To practise for next Sunday’s performance.

Junior CHYKs:

We had a group discussion about the relevance of religion in the current day and age of scientific advancement. We asked questions about why we perform rituals / practices that we do not understand (eg: wearing a thread on our hands, performing certain rituals at the temple, chanting certain bhajans everyday). We also discussed whether stories from our epics as they are narrated (Ravana having 10 heads, Lord Ganesh being the scribe for Vyasa and writing with his tusk) are true or if they are told with artistic license. These questions led to a discussion regarding whether science and religion are mutually exclusive or if they contribute to each other’s evolution. There were no concrete conclusive answers to these questions as this was the first class of the many regarding the relationship between modern science and religion. We will continue the same discussion over the coming weeks.

Sadhana for the week: To continue performing the sadhana from the previous week on a daily basis, which is – ‘To perform the chosen activity every day of the week with dedication, discipline and conviction’.             


This week we continued to reflect on Chapter 9 of the Geeta. The overall message of the chapter is summarised in Sloka 34 which is as below:

Fix thy mind on Me, be devoted to Me, sacrifice to Me, bow down to Me, having thus united your whole Self with Me, taking me as the Supreme Goal, you shall come to Me.”

Sadhana for the week: To memorise Sloka 22 of Chapter 9 which is as below:


Ananyashchintayanto Maam Ye Janaha Paryupaasate

Teshaam Nityabhiyuktanam Yoga Kshemam Vahaamyaham