Weekly Class Summary 2nd Dec 2018

Weekly Class Summary 2nd Dec 2018

Introductory Balavihar:

We revised the Alphabet Safari and did an activity to recollect the values that they stand for.

Homework: To continue to revise the pledge and the alphabet values.



A – Aspiration

B – Brotherhood

C – Cleanliness

D – Daddy

E – Enthusiasm

F – Friend

G – God

H – Happiness

I – Intelligence

J – Japa

K – Kindness

L – Love

M – Mother

N – Nobility

O – Obedience

P – Prayer

Q – Quiet

R –  Right

S – Smile

T – Truth

U – Unity

V – Victory

W – Work

X –  eXcellence

Y – Yajna

Z – Zeal


Junior Balavihar:

This week, we celebrated our Superhero Hanuman by putting into practice what we had learnt through the year.  We started by first chanting the Chalisa in full.  Then, we set up a Hanuman shrine and lit the lamp and prayed.  As part of our prayer, we rang the bell and offered jal (water) and akshataha (haldi-kumkum-rice), pushpa (flowers) and Kheer (Prasaadam).  We bowed down in surrender and displaying humility.  We discussed the essence of each of our actions during prayer and offerings.  We then summarised the chalisa verses by making our very own toran using verse/caupai leaves and beaded string.  As we did this activity, we practised some of the qualities of our Superhero – perseverance, hard work, trying hard and never quitting, good listening, following instructions, alertness, good speech, self-control, using our intelligence and fearlessness.

Homework:  Chant entire chalisa on Tuesday and Saturday.   Find out why we do what, when we follow rituals during prayer eg. light a lamp, offer flowers or prasadam, bow down etc.  Also, parents are invited to join in the last class for the term next Sunday, to review the Chalisa in summary together, and partake in the festive activities planned.

Chanting: To revise up to Verse 29 of Chapter 2 of the Gita.