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Weekly Summary 23rd June 2019

Introductory Balavihar: In class we discussed the next alphabet G which stands for God. We talked about where God is and what God does for us. Children realised how God gives us so many gifts all the time and that we must be ever grateful to Him...

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Weekly Summary 26th May 2019

Introductory Balavihar: We continued with Alphabet Safari and learnt that E stands for Enthusiasm. The children were excited to learn this new word. We learnt that enthusiasm means working hard with a smile on our face to achieve our goal. This...

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Weekly Summary 17th March

Introductory Balvihar: In class we learnt the letter B which stands for Brotherhood. We discussed how sharing, loving and caring for one another is what brotherhood is all about. We played a game of passing the parcel using chocolates. While some...

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